Thursday, July 29, 2010

Investing 10

INVESTING 10 things that you should try to do:

  1. Always have an investment strategy and follow it strictly. Set up an investment strategy (investing rules) even before beginning of investing: the strategy must include how, when and in what investments you will invest, how you will respond to changing market conditions.
  2. Count all the fees paid to anyone carefully....

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Investing in Gold

I will not be the first, and probably also will not be the last, who spoke about the Gold Rush that shakes down the world for the last few years. Just in this time it is a little different than in the days when desired for gold, grabbed a gold shovel with a bucket and started to look for that precious metal, which according to science; even in the universe is relatively so rear. At this time everybody are just too busy to be able to look for gold by themselves. So everyone gets in much simpler way – just buys it....

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